Passion Led Us Here

Menekşe Ahbab, Executive Chairman IMA Turkey

“In years admin professionals proved to be the valuable, irreplaceable and indispensable team player within business dynamics. Now it is time to strengthen our position by transforming from management assistant to management support professional. Today we will witness a history of our profession. EUMA ( European Management Assistants), the long-established, professional and successful Admin Association becomes IMA (International Management Assistants) to grow our profession in line with the new business era and embrace the future. EUMA/IMA with its unique network is representing the power of future admins.

I guess you are expecting me to list a number of reasons why we need change or three burning issues require attention or draw a mind map of areas we need to excel. Actually, no! I will not. I will tell you six confident, passionate and dedicated assistants’ story instead. Özlem, Ayşegül, Melis, Figen, Hicran and I visualized a more connected EA community in Turkey because we knew the power of network. In August 2016, EUMA Turkey’s journey started with our dream to establish EUMA Turkey. Believe me when I say; It is not as easy as it sounds. We only had a couple of months to work on a whole country plan to present @EUMA AGM Meeting in Copenhagen in October 2016. Apart from EUMA Deputy Chairman Chantal Sneijkers’ guidance and our families’ blessing & support we had nothing but a dream. As Elanor Roosevelt puts it “ The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. We indeed believed in our dream but most importantly, believed in eachother, believed in teamwork, believed in success, believed in hard work and dedication.

Passion led us to Copenhagen and we have been ratified as national group during @42nd EUMA AGM Meeting by all EUMA members and delegates. We, EUMA Turkey Project Team, are the living proof that dreams can come true.

Our history started in Copenhagen and we’ll achieve more historical success over the years in Turkey. Because we belong to a big family called IMA who passionately works for our profession. We blaze our actions with passion and grow our network in Turkey.

There are many reasons for an admin to join this successful network. I guess you are expecting me to list those reasons. But no! I will not. We will show you instead. Stay tuned @IMA Turkey! “

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